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Teeth Whitening

Feel confident and transform your look with a bright, luminous smile…
We offer cosmetic tooth whitening treatments to transform patient’s smiles and boost confidence in all social situations. teeth whitening

‘In chair’ and take home treatments
Patients have a number of options for tooth whitening treatment including ‘in chair’ and take home options.

In-chair teeth whitening
‘In chair’ teeth whitening is generally a fast and easy process taking up to an hour to complete. An impression tray is molded to the smile, so a special bleaching gel can be applied to the teeth for whitening. A blue light activates the gel and takes approximately three 20 minute sessions to complete. After this session, your teeth can reach anywhere between 8-10 shades lighter.

Take home teeth whitening
Using a much weaker whitening product than the one hour whitening, your take home whitening allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Customised trays will be moulded to your smile, so you can apply your gel whenever it suits your personal routine.

Whitening day or night
Once you receive your trays you will be given the required dose of whitening product and instructions on how to apply your whitening gel. Whitening is completed over the course of a few weeks either during the day or whilst you sleep. You can continue to use your whitening product until you have reached your desired shade.

Is teeth whitening safe?
There has been extensive research indicating that teeth whitening is a very safe procedure when conducted under the supervision of a dentist. Many dentists consider teeth whitening to be the safest cosmetic dental procedure available.

Does tooth whitening work for everyone?
Almost everyone can benefit from teeth whitening however treatment is more effective for some than others. There is a genetic component which may make some teeth hard to bleach. Tetracycline stains do develop in some people between birth and the age of 5. These stains along with other chemical or flurosis stains or heavy grinders may not experience such good results. However, if you are one of those people who don’t bleach well we offer other options including veneers and porcelain crowns.

How long will results last?
It’s possible that your teeth may never need repeat proceedures after achieving your desired colour. The need for a touch up may be every 6-12 months. It is determined by the amount of your intake such as tea, cofee, wine etc or cigarette smoke.

Are there any side effects?
While using the whitening products the teeth may become more sensitive to hold and cold. This will cease once the treatment has ended.

Will the treatment damage my restorations?
There won’t be any damage to your fillings and crowns.

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