•  Holistic Dentist in Jindalee, Brisbane

Holistic Dentist in Jindalee, Brisbane

Holistic Dentistry takes into account both your oral health and overall well-being when it comes to treating any oral concerns. Holistic Dentistry takes into account both oral health and overall well-beingWe use modern, safe, nontoxic materials and bio-compatible techniques as well as conventional dental techniques to aim for optimal health of your entire body.

Holistic dentistry, also known as alternative dentistry, treats any oral health concerns in conjunction with the health of the overall physical body. Holistic dentistry respects the fact that nothing in the body works in isolation – it is therefore important to make sure that the gums, the teeth, the jawbone are all working healthily in unison. The mouth is where is rich blood supply and nerve centre – it is very important for the mouth to be healthy. The mouth can harbour bacteria and it’s where all food and water enter.

The Holistic Dental services we provide in near Mount Ommaney:

  • cosmetic
  • gum
  • smile makeover
  • tooth whitening
  • dental implants
  • root canals
  • holistic dental care
  • diagnosis and treatment planning
  • preventative care and oral hygiene
  • treatment of gum disease
  • orthodontics
  • porcelain dentistry
  • laser dentistry
  • CEREC restorations
  • TMJ treatment
  • root canal therapy
  • breath freshening

Amalgam-free holistic dentist treatments

Common practices of a holistic dentist include the strong opposition to the use of amalgam fillings which contain mercury and potentially harmful materials, non-surgical methods to prevent and treat gum disease, and non-invasive treatment of the root canal. Holistic dentistry uses nontoxic, bio-compatible materials for fillings. Biocompatible materials, as the name implies, do not interfere with any of the body’s functions.

Holistic treatment methods include:

– Healthy nutrition for the prevention and treatment of degenerative oral diseases

– Mercury-free fillings and crowns

– Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusions to rectify body balance

– Prevention and treatment of gum disease by targeting its organic cause

– Using natural treatment methods where possible

What occurs within the mouth does have a significant impact on the rest of the body, which is why we take a holistic approach to dental care. As each body part is linked, it is important to heal one area of the body, to maintain overall health and well-being in every area.

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